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IoT for food and water: Here’s what the future looks like

Posted by Dave Evans featured on VentureBeat

In the near future, IoT will drive tremendous innovation in the way our food is grown, processed, distributed, stored, and consumed. Plants and animals will literally have a “voice.” Not a human voice, per se, but a voice based on data that can tell people, computers, and machines when, for example, they are thirsty, need Read More…

Why The Internet of Things Will Drive a Knowledge Revolution

Posted by Dave Evans

About a decade ago, I began a speech with an opening slide. On it, I showed a cow, a car, a tree and a shoe. I asked the audience what these things had in common. I received many insightful and humorous responses, but no observed that they would soon all be connected to the Internet. Read More…

Connecting People

Posted by Mike Yurochko

Stringify, even before it had a name, product, or audience was always about connecting people. Yaron Sheba (Sheba) and I have worked together for years across multiple industries and we knew we wanted to build something special together, though we weren’t quite sure what. During our time at Chase, we connected with Dave Evans who Read More…

Introducing the Wireless Cow

Posted by Dave Evans

A DECADE AGO, it was easy to describe what the Internet was and how you connected to it. PCs and laptops could log on and access the global computing network. Soon, smartphones were added to the mix, as well as industrial sensors and other electronic devices. It was still easy to tell what was connected Read More…