All New Scenes – The Simplest Flows for Everyone

As promised, we’re back with even more features that make it easier for the whole family to control their smart homes.

A few weeks back, we announced the ability for Stringify users to access all their Things via any web based interface – iPads, tablets, PCs, mobile browsers, etc. This allows everyone in the home to control everything in the home on a device-by-device basis through a universal interface.  We are now expanding those capabilities dramatically by introducing the concept of ‘Scenes’ to a smart home’s repertoire.

Custom Scenes = Endless Possibilities

Simply add the new “Button (Scenes)” Thing to your library as you normally would. You will immediately see a new interface that allows users to customize the look and feel to fit any occasion. First, a myriad of colors can be chosen from a bright and cheery color palette. These can then be further customized using iconography representing anything from Leaving/Coming Home to Parties, Movies, Studying and Cooking

These Buttons can now be used in any Flow and connected to one or more Things to create easy to trigger scenes. Now, at a glance, any user can pick up any web enabled interface and can set scenes throughout the home at the tap of a button.

But wait, there’s more…

iOS and Android Widgets

We are also announcing the availability of Widgets for both iOS and Android. If you aren’t familiar with Widgets in general, they allow for immediate access to certain app functionalities without having to open the primary app itself. In our case, the new Stringify Widgets give iOS and Android owners fast access to our new Scene Buttons.

For instance, on iOS, a simple swipe to the left from the iOS home screen unveils all available Widgets. For Stringify, your Scene Buttons will immediately appear and you can easily tap to set your scenes accordingly.

It’s super fast, and super easy.

A Couple More Things to Try…

We are also pleased to announce a couple more additions to the Thing portfolio. 


First, our integration with Coinbase allows you track the markets around digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. If you aren’t familiar with the currencies themselves, there are terrific use cases around shopping, content, travel and money transfers.

Yale Door Viewer

Also, we are announcing Yale, and an integration with their Look Door Viewer. In short, this is a one-of-a-kind product that replaces your existing peephole in minutes with a WiFi enabled camera. The app allows you to communicate with whomever is at the front door and the package includes an LCD monitor for easy wide angle viewing. With Stringify, any motion that is detected or button press of the incorporated door-bell can trigger a variety of automations to keep your home and family safe. Super cool…

That’s It For Now

The goal of all our recent announcements has been to make it easier and easier for the entire family to engage; access from everywhere, control of everything, and scene setting for everyone. Keep checking back because there’s always more to come and as always.