Stringify is now on Android!


First, (you may have heard) we need to cover our largest release since we overhauled our iOS experience last summer. After a 4 month long beta program starting in December – and highlighted at CES with an Innovation Honoree award – we really feel we have nailed it.
This one was truly a family effort that spans well beyond anyone that carries a Stringify badge (if we had employe badges, business cards or anything of the sort). Our beta testers were thoughtful, passionate and diligent…in short, we are thrilled to have them as customers / fans / enthusiasts and we can’t thank you enough. You are AWESOME.

Of course our own crew worked tirelessly on this release as well – absolutely love this group.  Though our core technology is all cloud based and has been thoroughly tested over the last couple years, we did introduce a few more features to further help the user. The most obvious example is the addition of our FAB – short for Floating Action Button – that gives users quick access to contextual actions. Tasks such as adding a Thing, importing a Flow, creating a new Flow and more are even easier to access. We’ve also added dozens of short how-to videos, added more Flow collections to cover more lifestyles and attached Flows to the 150+ Things in our portfolio. It’s been an incredibly fun suite of projects and given the early reviews, we are excited to see its reception by the broader community.

Speaking of those reviews, the first 30 have come across with a 4.8 star average rating. Woo-Hoo! Maybe a quick request – if you have 30 seconds today, we would love additional 5 star reviews – for Android or iOS (4.6 star average rating). Pretty please?

Google Home

A personal favorite, we’ve added Google Home to our list of supported devices as well. You can now easily turn on the house when you wake up, set up whole home movie nights, set lighting timers and more all with the power of your voice. We are of course thrilled to launch the integration and very much looking forward to seeing how our users extend their own voices throughout the rest of their automated homes. Killer product, limitless possibilities. Check here for some Flow ideas to get you started:

Recommended Flows

This is a bit more subtle, but we are also introducing Flow recommendations. You’ll come across these when a Thing is authenticated and also in a weekly Email. There is a fair bit of intelligence behind how we come up with these Flows – they are specifically tailored for each user based on a number of different factors – so please give us feedback on whether they made sense for you. We’ve gone through hundreds of trials and we think these Flows can be really useful, but of course we can always do better.

More Flows

We’ve listened, watched and learned how our community is using Stringify and we’ve gone ahead and introduced hundreds of Flows to highlight these moments. There are new collections around Gaming, Entertainment, Fresh Air and Family Living and you can see what Flows are the most popular or are recently added by checking here:

As mentioned earlier, every Thing has at least 6 Flows associated with it, so there are hundreds of more ideas there as well. Try some of them out – they can really be quite a bit of fun:

That’s about it for now. Of course there is more to come (we are already working on even more new stuff), but for the time being we hope you enjoy all of the great new additions. As always, please reach out if you have questions or suggestions, and thanks again for all the help so far. You’ve been amazing and don’t forget…Happy Connecting!

– Mike

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