Stringify at CES 2017

Hello again –

Over the last few months, our team has been working their tails off across the board to deliver a number of fresh enhancements to Stringify, and we figured it was time to reach out and bring everyone up to speed.  As usual, the overall intention is to really expand the capabilities of our service while keeping it easy and fun to use. Please let us know what you think – your inputs and requests drove these developments, and we couldn’t thank you enough. So without further adieu, let’s get started:


We wanted to spend time refining the experience on iOS before migrating to another platform so we’ve been dropping new builds on the app store every 4 weeks or so. All of that has led to a 4+ star rating and the #1 ranked app based on searching for “IOT” – thank you! Bottom line,  with all those updates and all that learning, we are ready to release Android.

Today, we are releasing a Beta version of our service on Android in the Google Play store. Of course, it leverages the same great technologies and partnerships we have already built into iOS. You’ll be able to add and edit Flows from Discover (or the new website), create your own from scratch, control your lights, set your temperature and check your steps. There are however a few caveats:

First, we haven’t had time to build the tutorials, tips, tricks, etc. We can send along a quick start guide though and there are videos in the app as well.

Second, it’s a Beta…so despite testing with a few hundred users there are still plenty of bugs. Our backend systems are of course completely stable – if a Flow is enabled, it will run – but we are still banging on the Android app itself.

Third, don’t be a stranger. Please be helpful and forgiving at the same time – don’t hesitate to reach out with questions / concerns / reports and please check out our release notes and forums. We would love to remove the ‘Beta’ descriptor in the next couple months.


In case you haven’t noticed, you probably found this post by navigating through our new website. In addition to the new look and feel, we have introduced a brand new search functionality for both Things and Flows. In short, you should be able to type in any of the 500+ products we work with, see if/how your products are compatible and find relevant Flows that you can add at the touch of a button. You can also try searching for Flows that include more than one Thing – like Nest and Hue – and the system will filter the results accordingly. There are now over 1,000 Flows available via our website that you can add by tapping the “Get Flow” button, so please take it out for a spin.


More big news here. We are also unveiling a host of new partners to give you even more options to connect. Check it out:


A bit of a surprise to some; we’ve decided to partner together to provide the best of both worlds to our users. Now you can combine the expansive portfolio of services on IFTTT with the automation technologies of Stringify. Win-win! Basically, you’ll need to add an IFTTT Thing in Stringify and a Stringify Channel in IFTTT then build your Flow first so the IFTTT Applet can see it. Ideas have been posted on both sides to get you started.


Now your gaming experience can work with your home environment more closely as your friends come on and offline. Flash your lights when Steam friends join specific games and send your Stringify Friends an update when you are available. Also great for parents to keep track of how long the kids have been gaming, or reward them with more time when they take out the garbage or ace a math test.


Adding even more ways to connect your online gaming / viewing experience with your home environment. Follow your favorite streamers, get whole room alerts, connect your social feeds and more. You can get seriously more immersed than ever by tying your home devices and social feeds to your gaming life.


First off, it’s super cool that Sengled plants a tree for every Element light bulb sold. Second, it’s a great bulb that has unlimited possibilities when strung together with any of the myriad of other products we have in the system. Security, entertainment, sleeping, waking – even just coming home after sunset – all become more illuminated with Sengled and Stringify.


Monitor the air quality of your environment and alert the family to allergens, toxins, humidity and more. We learned quite a bit about our own environments during the QA process and had access to info we couldn’t get anywhere else. A great way to lead a healthier life.


Be more informed with what’s going on around the home energy wise. Receive alerts when power hungry appliances come on and off line and try to save yourself a little money in the process.

Phew…I think that’s it for now. If you have read this far, we just want to say thanks one last time and we really look forward to your feedback surrounding the above. Have fun, and as always — Happy Connecting!

– Mike