The Function Suite

Apply mathematical comparisons and operations, manipulate and match text and create and set your own variables to be used across your own custom setup.
f(x) math@3x copy


The Functions: Math Thing allows you to perform math operations on numbers and continue flows based on comparisons. For example, save money on your heating bills by lowering your indoor temperature 2F when the temperature outside drops 7F until the thermostat sits at 60F.

f(x) Text@3x


The Function: Text Thing allows you to perform text matching and manipulation. Summarize Google Calendar appointments into variables that can be used across the system, extract the most relevant information from RSS feeds, filter social alerts based on your own needs and more. 

f(x) variable@3x


The Functions: Variables Thing allows you to get/set variable names and values, increment variables, and decrement variables. Create a variable called “Guest” and tie it into a number of Flows throughout your system so you can automatically turn off irrigation, delay bedtime Flows or disable security cameras with one simple command.

The Developer Suite

Connect just about anything that runs Node.js to Stringify to supercharge your project. Send and receive events to your custom Thing by using it in any Flow.
Text to Speech Copy@3x


Use this to send text or sound clips through the audio port of the Raspberry Pi.

Developer Template@3x

Developer Template

Use this to create your own integrations into Stringify. It supports Triggers and Actions and lets you write custom code.

Raspberry Pi Copy@3x


Use this to create triggers & actions using the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

The Connect Suite

Create powerful new experiences by connecting your Flows to each other, tying them to any web service using HTTP GET, POST and PUT web hooks or simply adding an RSS feed.


The Connect: Maker Thing allows you to trigger flows via HTTP and also allows you to send HTTP GET, POST, or PUT actions in your Flows! Instantly tie voice, colored lighting, cameras and 100’s of other supported products to your web service.

Flow to Flow Copy 11@3x


The Connect: Flow Thing allows one Flow to be triggered by another. First, create a Flow with this as a trigger. Second, create another Flow with this as an action and quickly configure via the drop down menu. Turn your smart home into a genius home by cascading Flows across your system.


RSS Feed

RSS Feed can be used to stay up to date on the latest newsheadlines and blog posts from your favorite web sites.

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