Now The Whole Family Has Control – New on Stringify

Over the next few weeks, we will be making some very exciting product announcements – all with the intention of making smart living easier for the whole family. To date, Stringify apps on iOS and Android have garnered quite a bit of attention, our user base is incredibly engaged where we are now processing over 100M events/month and we are thrilled with the customer feedback we have been receiving.

However, beyond simple feature requests or adding more product integrations, we have noticed a high level theme from our customers around family and how the home can help manage different aspects of family life. Close to 50% of our users utilize Stringify for general automation and control, but getting the family more involved includes answering questions such as “How can I make it easier for everyone in the family to control the home?” or “How can I set different scenes for each member of the family automatically?” or even “How do I make sure the house is locked up when everyone has left for the day?”

We love the feedback and are excited to announce a series of new products, features and integrations to help make family use cases the #1 feature of a thoughtful smart home. Let’s get started…

Stringify Controls: Access All Your Things from Any Web Browser on Any Device

We recognize that our iOS and Android apps pack quite a bit of functionality into one package: status of all your connected Things, control of those Things, discovering new Things, finding and sharing unique Flows, creating Flows from scratch and more. The power is undeniable, but sometimes different members of the family simply want to turn off a room of lights, run a quick scene or check the status of a door.

The feedback has been that the app is terrific, but we felt if everyone in a household had access to just the controls, it would be a gamechanger. To that end, we are excited to announce Stringify Controls: the ability to access and control all your Things from any web browser on any device.

Access to Smart Home Functionality Anywhere, by Every Family Member

We all realize the power of the Web, but its place in the modern home is still evolving. Given our emphasis on family, and their wide variety of connected devices beyond a mobile phone, we quickly realized that in order for everyone to have quick and easy access to the home, a Web interface was needed. By delivering this, all your Things can be easily accessed across iPads, Android tablets, laptops, desktops…just about anywhere.

Now you can leave an iPad or Android tablet on the coffee table that has immediate control of the entire home so anyone can use it. For example, Grandma can tap a button to run a scene that makes TV viewing more comfortable. Down the hall, the kids can change the color of the lights from their PC to make gaming more fun. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad can check if the doors are locked or if the sensors are dry from their laptops at work. Now, everyone can access the entire home from pretty much anywhere. There is more information here as well: 

Control Every Thing for a Safer, Smarter Home

All your smart devices will immediately appear, complete with status, quick controls and a deeper layer where more features are unveiled. Lights can be turned on and off, thermostats set, and irrigation run, but also the status of your sensors will all be available as well. Is the door locked? Are the garage doors closed? Are the cameras armed? You can even check your steps or see where your car is parked.

There’s nothing else like it, so think of it as a life dashboard combined with a universal remote control…for every Thing.

Custom Rooms Make it Even Easier

To make these controls more contextual, we are also introducing the concept of rooms. This allows you to group related devices together for even easier access. Of course, rooms can be set up for living, dining, kitchen and bedrooms to make it faster to see the relevant devices in a particular area. However, in addition each person can also have their own virtual room with Things that are important to them. For example, it’s unlikely the the kids care about the leak sensor in the basement, but lights and speakers are a super high priority. Grandpa might just care about the thermostat, the lights and a quick scene to set up the TV. However, your priorities could be quite a bit different including making sure the entire family is safe. Speaking of which…

August Smart Locks

As part of our family theme, we are also thrilled to announce an integration with August Home and their award-winning August Smart Locks.

Over 1M people trust the August Smart Lock for a smarter and more secure home and combined with the August Smart Keypad and August Doorbell Cam they turn your smartphone into a mobile command center for your front door. They are all fantastic products – easy to install and look fantastic – and a number of us have them in our homes here at Stringify keeping our families safe. Now, when combined with the 100’s of other products and services Stringify provides, the August Smart Lock can become a bona fide hero of your smart home.

Great Flow ideas include automatically lock the door at night as part of your evening routine while also turning off the lights and arming the cameras. Create a similar Flow for the morning when you are on the way to work so the house is safe throughout the day. And of course, check to see if the door is locked / unlocked, see who last opened locked / unlocked the door or simply lock / unlock the door from your new Stringify Controls.

We already have some Flows curated for your consideration, and you can check them out here:

More on the way…and soon

We love making it easier for families to live together in a thoughtful, smart home – and we are just getting started. There will be more family related features, more ways to run automations and more products to build out your smart home. So, think of this post as part 1 of 3…enjoy,  but there’s quite a bit more on the way. And before we forget…




– Mike