Announcing Stringify Now Works With Amazon Alexa

Announcing Stringify Now Works With Amazon Alexa

Announcing Stringify Now Works With Amazon Alexa

Stringify is incredibly proud to announce that Amazon Alexa is now available to power your connected life. That’s right, the power of Alexa voice controls can now trigger thousands of possibilities for your connected life. For example, imagine asking Alexa to set your bedroom in the morning. Just ask Alexa to have Stringify run “Good Morning” then the automation begins. It sets my master bedroom Nest to 70 degrees, AND plays music on my Sonos, AND turns on my kitchen Wink Pivot Power Genius to begin boiling water, AND then fades my Hue on. All of this is done with one trigger word. Just tell Alexa to have Stringify run “Good Morning” and all of those things happen at one time. Here are some of our favorite Flows that you can build:




With over 200 trigger words, the possibilities really are endless. We’ve already done some of the heavy lifting for you by creating a half dozen or so Flow Ideas to get you started. Take a look here at our Flow Ideas for Alexa. Stringify prides itself on being flexible enough to automate the simple to the somewhat complicated experiences in your life. No other service provides that with the power and versatility of Alexa voice controls. Think about our earlier “Good Morning” Flow, that is exclusive to the Stringy platform and one that is very helpful. One trigger, many actions. Well, if you want to get technical, we can also do many triggers, like ONLY IF it’s after 6:00pm and I ask Alexa to run the “Good Night” Flow, then turn off my lights, run my night time music and lower my Nest to 68 degrees. The visual for this type of Flow can be seen above in the “Good Night” example. Below you can find some of our favorite and very timely Trigger words:

Stringify + Alexa Trigger Words



To add Alexa to Stringify take a look at our quick walk through here on our Forums. Here is the quick visual to help you add your Amazon Alexa to Stringify. After it’s added start building super simple Flows and if you need a kickstart, don’t forget to take a look at the half a dozen Flows using Alexa as your Trigger to run Flows:

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Power your smart home with the amazing partnership of Stringify and the voice controls of Alexa. Have fun and happy connecting!

The Stringify Team