Stringify Update: New Look, New Features

Hello again! We know it’s been awhile since our last check-in, but we think the wait has been worth it because we have a bunch of fun things to announce. Our first few months here at Comcast have been a blast so we decided to release some of the functionality we have been working on in order to get your early feedback. Drum roll please…

First off, the next time you log into Stringify, you’ll notice a new look and feel. The visual update brings the experience closer to other Xfinity apps, while retaining all the functionality you’ve come to enjoy.  In addition to building powerful new automation features for Xfinity customers, we’re also really excited about evolving the Stringify app. Working with the Comcast Labs team, we see our work on the Stringify app as an opportunity to continue evolving IoT technology and user experiences. The work we do here will help to inform and advance Comcast’s vision of the connected home.

Beyond updated visuals, we have also begun integrating functionality from Xfinity products, namely our class-defining video platform, X1, and our new and personalized home WiFi experience, xFi. Customers of those services will be able to display notifications on their TV, automatically change channels, and even pause and un-pause devices on their home networks.

Cool use cases could include automatically notifying a TV viewer when someone is at the front door or when motion is detected outside. Even without any smart home devices, you can display your commute time weekday mornings at 7am or give yourself a reminder to close the garage door when its starts getting windy outside. You can schedule family movie nights and have the channel changed automatically to the program you want, while dimming your smart lights.  Finally, users can automatically pause and un-pause WiFi, so kids’ – and parents’ – devices can be paused at dinnertime, connected games can get paused during homework time, and laptops can be paused at bedtime. The possibilities are endless and as always, we look forward to seeing what you come up with. There are more Flows here for inspiration:

Lutron Caséta Lighting, Serena Shades and Carrier Côr Thermostats

In addition to the Xfinity integrations, we are also launching an integration with one of the lighting control leaders in the world…welcome Lutron!  Now, Lutron Caséta dimmers and switches, as well as Serena Shades can be pulled into all your Flows. In addition, we have been working with Carrier on integrating their line of Côr WiFi thermostats to further expand your possibilities. Automating a weekend power nap with dimmed lighting, lowered shades and turning the TV off while un-pausing the kids’ devices never sounded so good…

Android Wear

Hang on, there’s more. We are also unveiling our first crack at a watch app for Android Wear. In short, all your scene buttons will appear at the tap of a button so you can easily set coming home scenes, turn on movie night or head to bed without even pulling out your phone.

We have more fun stuff in the works as we get our legs under us in our new digs, but please keep your feedback coming. We’ve really appreciated the well-wishes and are really looking forward to hearing from you (Twitter, Facebook, in-app, etc.) about this new functionality. Till next time,


The Stringify Team at Comcast