Announcing the Stringify Product Preview

Rarely does a technology come along that is so transformational, that it has the power to shape how we work, play, and live.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming mainstream, finding its way into every industry. It promises to reshape these industries and forever change how we live our connected lives.

While IoT holds great promise, it comes with its own set of challenges. Ease of use often takes a backseat to complexity. Interoperability issues guarantee that not all of your connected Things work with other connected Things. Consumers are often forced into IoT ecosystems limiting their options. The true power of IoT often hides behind an alphabet soup of acronyms and standards that confuses instead of clarifies. The reality is, we are in the very early stages of IoT, and what may seem like a nice to have will soon become a must have in your life.

At Stringify we believe that technology should be simple, yet powerful, and that it should work for you (not the other way around) and we believe people should be able to choose best of breed products to create connected experiences that matter to them. This is why we created Stringify, to solve these challenges, to make IoT accessible to all, and to finally realize the promise of the Internet of Things

Today is the Big Day!
Happy times here in Los Gatos, as our team is finally ready to unveil the Stringify platform. Today, we released our Product Preview to a few early bird fans and if you would like to join check out the homepage. Today we support 100s of the best connected products like LIFX lights, Homeboy cameras, all of the Nest and SmartThings lineups as well as wearables like Misfit, Jawbone and Fitbit. But we didn’t stop there. We also integrated our favorite digital services like Twitter, Instagram, Evernote, Yahoo News and Yelp. We’ve truly engineered this platform from the ground up to give you a toolkit to connect them into meaningful experiences. Yet, we realize that these are the early stages of IoT, and we are just getting started. With the announcement of today’s launch of our Product Preview, we think our product is perfect for everyone who wants to get started in building their Connected Life. The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Flow on the go

What is Stringify?
Stringify is the most versatile connection platform on the planet, developed specifically for the Internet of Things / Internet of Everything. We have built our entire company around the power of connections and in so doing we have engineered our platform and our app to make those connections for both the user and device manufacturer as easy and meaningful as possible. Users should be in charge, and the technology should work for them. Whether you want to connect your physical Things such as lighting, locks, thermostats or wearables, or digital Things such as weather, news, Twitter or eBay, with Stringify it’s just a matter of dragging, dropping, and connecting them with a swipe.


Why is Stringify different?
Stringify is transformational.

We believe Stringify isn’t just different, it’s transformational. The Internet of Things has incredible potential, but its potential can only be unleashed if it’s easy to use. Stringify removes the complexity and brings the power of IoT to anyone. It doesn’t matter what “Thing” you have or where you are using it, Stringify can help that product – and 100’s of others – do even more for you.

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Stringify is simple.
Creating powerful experiences is as easy as tapping on the Things you want to include, connecting them together with a simple swipe of the finger, configuring a few simple options and you’re done. No need to worry about protocols, APIs, or other tech jargon. Add the Things you want and let Stringify handle the rest. That’s it and it’s pretty fun!

Stringify is interoperable.
One of the challenges with many of these connected Things is that they all “speak” a different “language”, which makes it challenging to get them to work together. We have addressed this problem and have created a cloud based technology suite that can give every Thing on the Internet a common interface. This means we can, in essence, connect anything to anything and allow you to create powerful, easy to build, experiences.

We make IoT products better.
IoT has the potential to transform our lives, and many of the latest IoT products are quite simply… amazing. Our goal is to help unleash their hidden potential by expanding their use cases in incredibly unique ways. Want your lights to automatically turn on as your car pulls in or your office to get you motivated for a workout? Perhaps you would like to know if your teenage driver is speeding or that grandpa hasn’t gone for a walk in 2 days. Or maybe it’s simply a video when a package arrives or an in home alert when the weather changes. The possibilities are endless, and just to get a sense of this power take a look at the 100s of Flow Ideas the team here at Stringify already uses in their lives. Get started here

With Stringify, the IoT whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

The Things that Matter

The Things that Matter


Our team:
Stringify was founded in April of 2014, by three industry veterans who are passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems. We also have a distinguished group of experienced advisors from companies such as SanDisk, Palm, Stanford University, IDEO, WeWork, and others.

Perhaps most importantly, we are incredibly fortunate to have assembled a world-class team of product folks, designers, engineers, and technologists with deep expertise, and a passion for building amazing products and solutions. Our team comes from a diverse portfolio of large and small companies such as Cisco, Chase, SanDisk, Palm, Toyota, Symantec, Yahoo, Nokia, iControl, Amp’d Mobile, Microsoft, Disney, Huawei and many, many others. They are fantastic people and are the heart and soul of Stringify.


Let’s build something amazing.
We can’t wait to see what you build with Stringify. Please let us know how it goes so we can continue to improve the experience for everyone and – together – we can begin to unleash the true power of the Internet of Things. Join the Preview today.